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What is Goodness

Goodness is an inherent truth to all that is. It is the foundation for everything that exists!

Goodness is present whether we acknowledge it or not. We believe that everyone, no matter who you are, can tap into the endless stream of Goodness!

In life what you do, say, and think matter. Goodness manifests as kindness, forgiveness, and love. We call these the Properties of Goodness. The light of Goodness has the power to transmute hate to love, anger to joy, and judgement to compassion. If we are willing Goodness can transform ourselves and our world for the better!

As we encounter negativity in the world it is crucial to channel Goodness in action, words, and thought. Think of yourself as a Crusader for Goodness!

Goodness Unlimited remembers how good it feels to do good, be good, and think good. There are no limits to the power of Goodness!

Goodness Unlimited!